Things just keep getting better!

The Village Potters has gone through so many changes since we began in 2011. Now a new facet of the entity is on the horizon and George and I along with the other Village Potters are so excited about this: A mentoring program designed to nurture the emerging potter that aspires to go even deeper in their pursuit as an artist in clay! We will be offering invitational applications to our students that express a desire for even more and potentially to potters coming out of colleges and university programs.

Stay tuned as I continue to post about this exciting venture!

Snowed In

It often takes a storm to start new things. This is true on so many levels if you take a moment and think about it. A storm almost always changes your perspective. This current snow storm shifted my priorities. As the snow fell deeper and deeper I knew I would be home for days. With this reality I began to think about what I would do with this wonderful unexpected concentrated time. George was going to be home too. So that long neglected personal website seemed like a perfect project. The now defunct site said that I lived here in the mountains with my husband and daughter. Well our daughter has been moved out on her own for close to a decade so you get the picture when I say “neglected”.

Since you are reading this, the good news is, this site reflects current info, and current work.  I hope you will have a look around this site and check out my other website where you can buy my work online as well as some of the work of my fellow colleagues and friends, the other Village Potters.

Living it up!


Living it up! That is how I choose to navigate my life. Making beautiful forms in clay is one of my great joys of which I never tire. When they find their permanent homes and are a blessing to the owner, it is good all around and I get to continue in the creative life that I love. It is all in all a glorious exchange!

IMG_0302-web flipped

Come visit me at The Village Potters in The River Arts District, Asheville NC.!