Pouring Vessels

Will I ever tire of the Pouring Vessel? I hope not!

I have been making pouring vessels of all sizes and shapes for decades. There is something in the nature of the form, that is designed to pour out that keeps me continually captivated. It is not in the using of the vessel at all that intrigues me but rather the very nature of the forms themselves. The container with a purpose of giving away. The upward motion, the negative spaces, lift off the surface, the distribution of weight, the fluidity of motion, the openness and the closed shape, all these things intrigue me.

So it comes as no surprise to me that this year the first thing I am thinking about is exploring this form even further. I will be working in new directions with the closed form, the lidded bottle form, and of course the very long neck form. Last year I made three distinctly new shapes that involved many curves and darts (I did not get them photographed and they are all sold) but I have them in my mind and I am going to rediscover and evolve that form as well. Here is a lovely little album of just some of the forms that I made in the last 2 years. I enjoyed looking at them and am now sketching ideas for the next series.

Will I ever tire of the Pouring Vessel? No, I think not!