About Sarah

Sarah Wells Rolland

Potter/Ceramic Artist/Instructor/Mentor/Speaker

       Working with clay has shaped me. It is liberating. There is a hidden mystery in what happens when I work in the quiet of the morning and a lump of clay takes shape. The clay and I work together. We have a relationship. I ask the clay to go with me to the limit, to the edge where all is almost lost; and some of the time we make it there. This is where I live as an artist and I love it.

Since 2011,
 I have enjoyed a new direction in my life as a potter. My husband, George and I embarked on one of the biggest projects of our lives. We have changed up almost everything. I longer work in solitude in my home based studio. Together we founded a creative community of potters in Asheville, NC., The Village Potters. It was such a perfect name because The Village has a life of it’s own. Daily we are filled with life. Potters and our friends who love pottery make The Village something very special.

We renovated 14,000 square feet of raw warehouse space into a beautiful space including six permanent resident working studios, 14 kilns, 3 showrooms and a unique education center specializing in advanced studies in ceramic art.. We offer beginning and intermediate classes in 2 classrooms for residents here in WNC but our Advanced Studies program is unique in the nation. Based on an Independent and self guided approach much like a Masters program I along with 2 other potters mentor, encourage, teach and guide the emerging potters, sculptors and hand builders who desire to push the boundaries of their work and discover their unique voice..  You can find out more at www.thevillagepotters.com We are a glorious collective of 6 resident ceramic artists/ potters, 6 apprentices, approximately 50 community students and 28 interns. We are fully committed to each other personally, creatively, and we desire to see each other’s success to the full.

My career in clay has been amazingly blessed. Now to be able to give back and teach and share feels like the natural motion in this journey with clay.

It is my delight to be part of the greater artist community in The River Arts District of Asheville, NC. I remain grateful that I can continue to make pots for people of all walks of life with very different home and work environments. 

Thank you collectors, clay lovers, gallery owners, and all who have purchased my work for 30 years now and support The Village Potters Clay Center!



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